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Most people working in the outdoor sector have a deep concern for the natural environment and a love of physical activity. The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has built on such passions shared by the outdoor community to create dynamic initiatives such as:

  • Founding the European Outdoor Conservation Association
  • Building the Sustainability Working Group in 2009

Holding the first outdoor industries’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Round Table in 2011

The EOG is proud that EOCA matured into an effective independent association working hard at airing concerns regarding the outdoor environment and raising resources to facilitate tackling the challenges. We know that the coming years will need a sustained focus and serious efforts by the industry on Sustainability and CSR issues and will encourage our membership to maintain momentum.

It is important, though, to bear in mind that the EOG’s role is limited to providing guidance, collective negotiation and the promotion of key issues, as decisions regarding sensitive matters such as manufacturing, positioning or competitiveness, can only be made by companies themselves.