Started in 2007, the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) works on behalf of the whole outdoor industry and welcomes others to become involved. By participating in the work we are doing you will help to ensure that the work is relevant for the whole industry.

Vision - Through a common outdoor industry platform, the Sustainability Working Group promotes and adopts the very best standards of sustainability and constantly seeks to improve business practices to the benefit of the environment, the work force and society as a whole.

Mission - The Sustainability Working Group provides business relevant insight and solutions to sustainability challenges facing the outdoor industry and its global stakeholders. Incorporating a comprehensive lifecycle perspective, the Sustainability Working Group’s key areas of focus are:

  • Improving the ecological / environmental impact of the industry
  • Ensuring the industry is up-to-date on relevant environmental and health and safety legislation as it relates to products and services
  • Maintaining dialogue with relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitating facts-based communication of sustainability credentials, including review of certification and labeling schemes
  • Providing common positions on sustainability topics for the (EU) outdoor industry