Registrations will be accepted by all outdoor company and then of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) assessed for relevance for each product category in the report. To ensure coherent data sets, the company should commit for at least three years for project participation. Currently, participation in the project is especially suitable for the individual brands, but also includes companies with multiple brands and retailers with their house brands. All participants in the project received in return free access to the online report.

Participation of the brands in the project

Once a year, the participating brands their sales data at the wholesale level to, often referred to as "Hinverkaufszahlen". The indication of these numbers is done in strict confidence on our secure online program www.europeanoutdoorfacts.com broken down by season, land and sub-category. Currently, access to this platform is free.

In terms of a coherent report clear definitions of the different categories of the product are specified in the system, so that the marks are required when submitting their numbers to use exactly these EOG definitions.


Confidentiality of data

Since the implementation of this project, the confidentiality of the data is always a top priority, has invested heavily in the development of a secure online platform for data collection and preparation of a research report.

In addition, the EOG is working with an external notary, who will ensure the anonymity of the data. The data collected through the online platform are located on two servers. The details of participants and the data provided will be stored separately from each other on these servers. No party can access both servers, so there is no possibility to set the data with the information about the individual participants in connection.

The EOG itself does not, which brand has the data provided.


Data from retail

Ideally, the data of the outlets are electronically and thus give the sales figures of the retail trade in the country. Market research Technically it will take a long time before this is implemented so. So far, the State of Trade survey provides a report with reliable, convincing and useful data, from which we can derive market predictions for numerous outdoor product categories in 22 European countries.


As a public company, we want to ensure that price-sensitive information leaks

This concern is of course completely understandable. However, the project aims to provide the outdoor brands with collected data retrospectively to the Hinverkaufszahlen, ie, the data acquisition starts after preparing the financial statements. The data provided will be treated in strict confidence and guarantees have under no circumstances impact on stock prices.


We would like to know more about the project

At the beginning of the project only data were recorded at seven main categories.

Then the EOG invested to produce the report in 2012 in an online system for data acquisition, whereby a considerable expansion of the project from seven categories on almost 50 subcategories was possible.

Through the further development of the outdoor platform could be flexible on the received data needs of the outdoor companies. However, the EOG additional programs only finance limited, so future extensions may need to be done and charge you based focus.


Are only EOG members eligible?

Quite the contrary. In the EOG is a federation of brands work together in different areas, with most activities are carried out on behalf of the entire outdoor industry. This project is open to anyone in the market active and established brands that are relevant for the outdoor industry.


I would like more information.

Simply a member of the EOG team write under


or at the ISPO MUNICH, the OutDoor Friedrichshafen or the European Outdoor Summit, the team of EOG get to know in person.