ISPO 2013 sustainability material

Sustainable Directions Breakfast

Vanessa Knowles, project manager for the EOG provided an overview and update of the EOG’s Sustainability Working Group. Download Breakfast ISPO 2013

Kevin Myette, director of product and supply chain sustainability, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) provided an overview of the Chemicals Management Framework an output from the Outdoor Industry Association’s Chemicals Management Working Group. Download Chemicals Management Framework

The Framework is a comprehensive strategy assessment and planning tool to guide companies along the entire apparel and outdoor industry product value chain toward better chemicals management – from regulatory compliance to sustainable chemistry innovation. The Framework represents the collaborative work of retailers, brands, suppliers, government representatives, NGOs, academia and other subject-matter experts within the outdoor industry and beyond, and for the first time creates a common vision and a step-wise roadmap for all value chain partners to move collectively toward more sustainable chemistry — with the goal to ultimately reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in consumer products and their emissions to the environment and workplace.

Jason Kibbey, the executive director for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) will provide an update on the Higg Index and will also provide a preview of furture plans with the Higg Index and the SAC. The Higg Index came out of the ECO Index that was jointly developed by the European Outdoor Group and the US Outdoor Industry Association, and is being continuously developed to provide a complete apparel and footwear self-assessment tool.Download Higg Index Footwear Pilot Training

The company who worked with PUMA on the Environmental Profit and Loss accounting system, Trucostpresented ‘Understanding natural capital dependency – the business case and current approaches’. Download TRUCOST

Oakdene Hollins presented ‘Textile Recycling in Europe’, the current state of clothing reuse and recycling across Europe, with the associated environmental and economic issues. The presentation looked at likely future trends and innovations, including the potential for closed loop fibre recycling. Download Oakdene Hollins Videos and presentations on each specific section, tutorials, changes made from the pilot version to the 1.0 version can be found at: Higg Index Footwear Pilot Training presentation 30 minute training video to get started: (28:11) Also, all 5-min training videos for the Footwear Product Module setup steps are copied below and available on Dropbox ( You may access full written and video training materials in Dropbox and in the “Help” tab in the online tool header.

Higg Index Training

Higg Index Footwear Pilot and Training

Finally, PDFs of the Footwear indicators are available at if that is your preferred format for giving content feedback.

Video Guidance

Footwear and Social/Labor Pilot Overviews

Footwear Brand Module Videos

Footwear Product Module Videos