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Since 1996, TED has been developing and refining a set of sustainable design strategies for textile and fashion designers. These strategies have emerged out of a need for a toolbox for designers to help them navigate the complexity of sustainability issues and to offer real ways for designing 'better'.

The TEN emerged from a practice-based and collaborative approach over many years, and are perhaps best used when supporting teams in the design thinking process behind the creation of new prototypes which test potential solutions for a more sustainable industry.

The TEN have also been made into a series of short animated films, to help participants grasp the essential considerations for textile and fashion designers to embrace in their day-to-day practice.

TED’s TEN are also available as workshop cards:


Future Fabrics VirtualExpo

In the "Future Fabrics Virtual Expo" is now an online research and information platform with better search capabilities and the possibility of direct contact with the weavers. Here, fabric buyers and designers meet with international weavings, so that a steady access to procurement and sustainability information on substances is ensured with less impact on the environment.

The materials are selected according to four different criteria ( The criteria were developed in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London Fashion College ("Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion").

Currently, the online database includes 400 sustainable materials from over 25 mills worldwide. Each substance is deposited with pictures and a description of the relevant aspects of sustainability. In addition, 1,000 substances are exhibited in the London studio, which can also be booked for workshops and individual guidance for companies.

The substances can be searched by categories such as fiber type and price as well as certification and origin, so that it given the explanatory background information for each substance a valuable tool for designers and buyers is that or are unfamiliar so well with sustainable fabrics and materials . for those who already have sustainable procurement strategies.

On the "Virtual Expo" various reports on sustainable fabrics made from organic cotton denim, British wool and sustainable Denim, on linen and organic cotton blends, environmentally friendly leather, high quality fabric of woven and knitted organic cotton as well as polyester, polyamide and viscose are presented. In addition, new fashion and product innovations in the materials laboratory Materio be shown.

Geared is the "Future Fabrics VirtualExpo" of the Switzerland-based non-profit organization 'The Sustainable Angle' ( )

On the "Virtual Expo" You can use the following link: . access, but this is only available to registered users. Membership is available for an annual fee of 45 GBP.