Tender opportunity – EOG events app

The EOG is seeking an agency or individual to develop a bespoke events app for the association.

The app will be a year-round communications tool that the EOG uses to promote and share information about its three key events.  Under the EOG umbrella, the app needs to have the ability to provide separate individual log-ins for people who attend each of the three events, as the audiences differ.  The events are: AGM/ISPO in February; Summer Meeting/OutDoor in June; European Outdoor Summit in October.  

The EOG events app must deliver a full range of functions/features/content for each event, to include: Event agenda; participant lists with profiles that can be uploaded and updated; event maps; pages for sponsors; ability to send messages to all participants and for participants to send messages to each other.

The target date for completion of the project is the end of April.

For more details about the opportunity, please contact Arne Strate on arne.strate@europeanoutdoorgroup.com