In the period following its founding in 2003, the European Outdoor Group has developed into a full representation of the outdoor industry, which is characterized mainly by its strong presence and dynamics.

The European Outdoor Group, founded by 19 of the world's largest outdoor company in 2003 has quickly recognized the need for a transnational representation of the outdoor industry. From then on, the Association has grown steadily and by 2014 was one of more than 60 members and maintains a close working relationship with the nine national outdoor organizations. To increase the range of the EOG and strengthening their representation effect for the entire industry fared in 2014 the decision to also allow retailers as full members.

With the support and direct participation of our members, we have been working under the leadership of our Board and our management is constantly on initiatives for the entire European outdoor industry. The EOG is responsible for the administration and support of industry-relevant projects in the following areas: market research, trade shows and other events, sustainability, talks with politicians and legislators, promotion of outdoor activities in the society etc. The shared commitment of all members gives us a strong force at the constructive and active representation of the European outdoor industry are.