EOG Announces Living Wage Roundtable

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) are pleased to be able to announce an outdoor industry roundtable to discuss the issues surrounding ‘a living wage’.

Over recent years there has been a growing awareness about the need to ensure the provision of a living wage to workers within global supply chains. This is especially the case in most Asian countries where the national wage legislation falls short of allowing textile workers a wage from which they can provide for a family.

Mark Held, Secretary General of the EOG commented, “the crucial issue is not the principle involved, as that should be accepted by everyone with a conscience, but more how to calculate a fair wage and what mechanisms can be use to ensure its provision. In short, how can a fair wage policy be implemented?”

The EOG sees its role as a conduit to provide everyone working within the outdoor industry with information and to introduce potential solutions. Working closely with the CCC, it is pleased to be able to offer the industry the opportunity to participate in a roundtable meeting on the subject of a living wage.

Together with representatives from the Asia Floor Wage Alliance (AFW), the CCC-Network and the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), the EOG is providing a platform for the industry to discuss the current state of living wage models and the possible implementation solutions. After the presentations there will be enough time to have open questions and possibilities for cooperation between those present.

The roundtable takes place on Thursday, 27th of October in Berlin; speakers will include:

The international verification coordinator of the FWF. Places at the event are strictly limited and by invitation only. Anyone wishing to attend should send an email to Mark Held: mark.held@europeanoutdoorgroup.com