EOG newsletter March 2014

Our Annual Assembly was held just prior to ISPO and a key part of this was the election of the Board and President. A new President because David Udberg has after four years as the head of the EOG, stepped down to devote more time to his consultancy business. I would like to express our gratitude to David for steering the EOG successfully during this period and to the members, for once again electing me as President.

Before the election took place, my fellow directors and I took the opportunity to present our manifesto covering what we believe the EOG should be engaged with over the coming term. As an association we are in a crucial phase where the actions we take now, will set the direction and future success of the organisation over the coming years. And yes, we are doing this because we all believe that the role the EOG can play on behalf of our sector is a hugely important one. So what does this manifesto cover?

Membership expansion – The EOG was set up to represent the interests of the industry as a whole. As a result of the way it was founded it has so far been a brand only organisation, but now we believe that it is correct to plan the gradual inclusion of retailers into the organisation. This was agreed in principle by the membership and later in the year we will present how this will take place.

Our market research programme has become a new standard for our sector in terms of its comprehensive data foundation. We will further invest in this programme to ensure that it becomes the number one source of data on our market.

The increasing challenges we face in terms of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility call for ever more detailed information and support for our members and leadership for the industry. We will build our capacity to provide this support, starting with the appointment of a new CSR & Sustainability Manager in March.

The first European Outdoor Summit held in Stockholm last October was a great success and demonstrated the value in our industry allocating time to discuss, learn and develop. We will continue to build these events for everyone’s benefit.

OutDoor and ISPO are important events for our industry and we have a strategy in place to improve their effectiveness for outdoor companies both in terms of practical advantages and collective promotion.

Our sector is increasingly subject to legislation from the EU, covering a multitude of trade, labelling, product safety and chemical content issues. The EOG has an important role to play in representing the interest of outdoor industry and together with our partners we build capacity in this area. Additionally, we will continue to promote the health benefits to society of active engagement in outdoor activities.

We will continue to support the European Outdoor Conservation Association and important work they do to protect and enhance the outdoor environment that we both love and on which we depend for our business.

Last but by no means least, we recognise that we are dependent on the industry being able to encourage a new generation of people to take up outdoor activities. We will work to promote the outdoors as an exciting arena for all.

We will provide updates on progress on these important areas as we move through the year and would encourage you to engage with the work of the EOG whenever and wherever you can. We are a strong industry and the EOG demonstrates that by working together we all benefit.

Wishing you a successful spring.

Rolf Schmid,
European Outdoor Group.

Rolf Schmid and the EOG

After Mammut had developed into an international heavyweight in the outdoor sector under Rolf Schmid’s supervision, he realised that there was a need for a pan-European body to represent the increasingly international industry. Rolf was the instigator of the first meetings and was later elected first President of the EOG. More here…


Towards the end of January, the annual ISPO MUNICH trade show was very busy and there was an upbeat atmosphere in the outdoor halls. More here…


More European brands than ever have just exhibited or visited ISPO BEIJING. The EOG team was at the show – read their review here…

Living Wage Report

As part of its corporate responsibility programme, the EOG has been working on a project with the Fair Wear Foundation. The results of that work have just been published in a new report. More here…


Recently, there have been some significant developments in the way in which the outdoor industry reports how the down it uses is sourced, and there is important ongoing work in this area. More here…


Founded by the EOG, the European Outdoor Conservation Association now plays a big role in some very significant conservation projects and continues to recruit new supporters. EOCA celebrated several successes during ISPO MUNICH. More here…

The EOG also used ISPO to gain an insight into other interesting projects that our industry can contribute to, such as the European Peace Walk, on which you can find out more here…

Possible Public Day at OutDoor

Messe Friedrichshafen presented the Annual Assembly the idea of a public day at OutDoor and the EOG committed to build a working group to assess the concept for the outdoor sector (find all details here in the press release). As the EOG is currently still brand based, we will make a wider stakeholder consultation on the subject. If you have any valuable input on the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us