European Outdoor Group announces review of the OutDoor trade show

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has announced details of a major review of the OutDoor trade show.

The initiative starts with a research phase during the first half of 2017, designed to identify what European brands and retailers are seeking from the show in years to come.  The EOG has set up an independent working group to manage the project and is calling for outdoor businesses to contribute to the research and help shape the future of OutDoor.

Trade shows are widely recognised as vital gatherings for brands and retailers to meet together, and for retailers to review and select new product ranges for each season.  The OutDoor show, held in Friedrichshafen every year, is the major outdoor summer trade fair in Europe.

The EOG is well aware that the outdoor marketplace is changing rapidly and wishes to make sure that the OutDoor show continues to meet the needs of its stakeholders.  To that end, the association set up a working group called ‘Vision 2020’ to undertake research and analysis, and develop a set of recommendations for the future of the show.  Although working on behalf of the EOG, the group is operating independently to ensure that it remains objective.

The Vision 2020 research project will run through the first half of 2017, beginning with a survey invite to European brands and retailers. Participants will be asked to share details of what they want from OutDoor in the future.  The survey is completely confidential and all the responses will be analysed at a total aggregated level. No individual company will be identified. Questionnaires are being sent out now and the deadline for responses is 25 January.

If you would like to take part you can do so now by clicking on the relevant survey link below:

Survey for brands here.

Survey for retailers here.

Mark Held, General Secretary of the EOG, comments: “The Board of the EOG has taken seriously the need to clarify exactly what our industry requires in terms of a future OutDoor trade show.  The Vision 2020 team has been established with people who know our sector very well and who can give us clear and independent feedback on what the industry wants for the future of OutDoor.”

The Vision 2020 group adds: “This is a perfect time and opportunity for all brands and retailers - both those who attend OutDoor and those who do not - to have a say in how they think the future of the trade show should be shaped. We encourage everyone to let us have their views by replying to the survey.”

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