Living Wage Report

In recent years, the EOG has developed a very positive cooperation with the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). EOG General Secretary Mark Held now sits on the FWF board, many outdoor brands have joined the multi-stake-holder initiative, and we have been cooperating with the foundation on a project that has focused on the complex issue of a living wage and, in particular, on the possible effects on the implementation of the living wage on prices along the supply chain.

This was particularly needed as many reports so far have focussed on the fashion/general sporting goods industry, and therefore have not been representative of the outdoor sector. In contrast to fashion/general sporting products, the outdoor industry is often concerned with high quality, labour intensive production with long-term partners and a small percentage of order volume per brand and factory. It is clear that the outdoor sector’s ability to influence this area is limited, but it is an important issue where we hope our sector can be ahead of the curve. The EOG continues to recommend working with multi-stakeholder initiatives in this area, as we believe this is a credible and constructive way forward.

FWF recently published the new report and you can download that here. Of course, the work does not end now and there will be more efforts in this important area in the future.