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Dear outdoor community,

As consumers around Europe start to enjoy their summer holidays, the outdoor industry is already preparing for winter, the following summer and seasons beyond that.  The business cycle is relentless, but there are certain events each year that give us a brief opportunity to gather together as a sector and reflect on the state of the trade.  One such event has just taken place and another is on the horizon.

A few weeks ago, OutDoor celebrated its 20th anniversary in style in Friedrichshafen and, despite the immediate economic challenges that are affecting businesses everywhere, there was a positive and vibrant atmosphere throughout the show.  As ever, OutDoor was an excellent showcase for our industry

The event on the horizon is the first European Outdoor Summit, which will take place in Stockholm in October.  The summit is being organised by our colleagues at the Scandinavian Outdoor Group and the programme is shaping up to be very impressive.  There are still places available at the event, which is set to be a highlight of the year.  I hope to see you there.

Mark Held,

Secretary General,

European Outdoor Group.


There are fewer than 100 places left at the first European Outdoor Summit, which will take place in Stockholm from 16-18 October.  Hosted by the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG), the summit will include a packed and varied schedule of keynote speakers, workshops and networking events, along with the chance to find out more about one of the most dynamic regions in our sector.

The summit has already secured an impressive line up of keynote speakers, including: Sally McCoy, CEO of Camelbak; Mats Georgson, CEO of Georgson & Co, and a lecturer and professor on strategic brand management at Stockholm University; Stefan Herzog, CEO of leading European retailer Sport Scheck; Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of the US Outdoor Industry Association; Bernhard Kiehl, who leads the sustainability program of the fabrics division at W.L. Gore & Associates; Angela Owen, senior vice president of marketing at US retail giant REI; and Larry Pluimer, founder and CEO of Indigitous Consulting.  As the architect of Amazon.com’s outdoor recreation storefront, Larry will share his knowledge of the future of online retailing strategies.

The event promises content that should appeal to delegates from every part of the outdoor industry.  The full summit programme and list of speakers can be found at www.europeanoutdoorsummit.com, where you can also register to attend.  Book your place soon to avoid disappointment.

One of the main sessions during the summit will be led by international consulting and research company Kairos Future, presenting a new and unique global study, analysing the trends, challenges and opportunities that will shape the outdoor market of the future.  That study is in progress now and you can play a part in it by completing the survey.  Everyone who participates in the survey will receive a summary of the results, and will be able to claim a 50% discount when purchasing the complete final report (€500, compared to the full price of €1000).


The day before OutDoor opened, the EOG held its summer meeting in Messe Friedrichshafen.  The event was very well attended, with over 70% of our membership represented.  We used the meeting to update members about some of the major projects that we have been involved in this year, including the ongoing market research programme, several corporate social responsibility initiatives, and the work of the European Outdoor Conservation Association.  You can find out more about our current priorities and activities.