Outdoor News - August 2015

If you ask 10 people what ‘outdoor’ is, you will get 10 different answers. Various activities in multiple locations, alone or in groups, from first-timers to professionals, from -50 degrees to plus 50.  So what is it that really unites us? If you ask me, it is a mutual understanding / feeling, and while there are many languages and ways to express that, we suggest the following:

‘It’s great out there’.

Or, adapted for our digital world, #itsgreatoutthere.

Let’s all keep up the hard work behind the scenes on topics such as market research, trade shows and the like, but not forget that getting people outdoors is the main driver for our industry.  So keep on spreading the word and together we can build a powerful voice to promote everything that is positive about our sports.

Mark Held, General Secretary, EOG.


‘It’s Great Out There’

Everyone in our industry appreciates the many benefits of participating in outdoor activities. However, while this is obvious to all of us, we also know that throughout Europe and the world, people are becoming less and less active - this is a ticking time bomb for our populations, our healthcare systems, and for our industry.

That is why the EOG has launched ‘It’s Great Out There’, a sustained campaign to promote outdoor participation to the general public.  The association’s members and other businesses from the sector are working together to spread positive messages about the outdoors to consumers in every part of Europe.  With product prizes worth over €20,000, we are running three major social media hashtag competitions, encouraging members of the public to post outdoor related photos, videos and comments relating to a series of themes.

The current competition runs until 23rd August under the theme #BreakingBoundaries and asks people to post content using that hashtag, along with #ItsGreatOutThere and #BeActive.  The third competition, #TakeSomeoneOutdoors, will run from 24th August until 6th September.

The competitions build up to the first European Week of Sport (EWoS) from 7-13 September (more about that here), during which ‘Outdoor’ will be one of four focus topics. Austrian mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has been appointed as an official EWoS Ambassador (more here).

You can help make #ItsGreatOutThere a success by promoting the initiatives on Facebook and Twitter, allowing this important campaign to reach as wide an audience as possible. 

To find out more about the project visit www.itsgreatoutthere.com.


New sustainability assets from OutDoor presentations

This year’s main theme at OutDoor was ‘Beyond Compliance’, with presentations that focused on different aspects of compulsory and voluntary compliance. We have now summarised the sustainability events and collected the various presentations here. To find out more about our ongoing sustainability work contact pamela.ravasio@europeanoutdoorgroup.com.


Market Update

We recently released the key findings from the latest phase of our ongoing State of Trade market research programme, and the results for 2014 are encouraging. Top line sell-in figures for last year show that our sector grew by 1.2% in value and 1.4% in volume, with an overall value of €4.83 billion, equating to an estimated €10.2 billion at retail. This growth was achieved despite circumstances in Russia, where the market reduced by 20.2%. Excluding Russia, the European market grew by 2.7% in value and 2.3% in volume, at about the rate of inflation, which is good news given how tough the competition for consumer spending is. You can find out more about the State of Trade 2014 results here and download the infographic below here.

We have also published the latest results of our new retail sales barometer, which tracks sell through data.  For the first quarter of 2015, the outdoor sector performed better at retail in January and February than at the same time in 2014, although March was down on the previous year. 

The retail sales barometer is not fully representative of the outdoor sector, but the number of contributing retailers (and brands with own retail) is growing and we are keen to recruit more participants.  To get involved, contact marketresearch@europeanoutdoorgroup.com or call Pauline Shepherd on +44 (0) 1539 727255


European Outdoor Summit

The programme for this year’s European Outdoor Summit continues to grow and get more impressive and places at the event are going fast.  The summit will take place from 13th – 15th October in Sheffield, UK, and is being organised by our partners at the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), with sponsorship from ISPO, WL Gore & Associates and Berghaus. 

There is a limited capacity at the event, so be sure to secure your place at the event before it’s too late. Find out more about the summit and make bookings here.


New EOG President, Vice President and Board members

During our recent Summer Meeting, we confirmed some changes to the EOG Board. Rolf Schmid and Bernd Kullmann stepped down as President and Vice President respectively, and from the Board. Rolf and Bernd had been planning to move aside early next year, but had made faster progress than expected in with their key goals for their terms in office.  Everyone at the association is very grateful for the work that both have done on behalf of the outdoor industry.

Following their departure, members at our Summer Meeting elected John Jansen of Keen Europe as the new President of the EOG and Jean-Marc Pambet of Salomon was appointed Vice President. We also elected three new members of the Board: Rainer Angstl of Sport Schuster, the first EOG retail member to be elected; Antje von Dewitz of Vaude; and Stefan Merkt of the Mammut Group.