Rolf Schmid and the EOG

​After a period as Chairman of the German Fachgruppe Outdoor (part of the BSI), Rolf Schmid, the President of the Mammut Sports Group, realised that there was an urgent need for a pan-European body to represent our increasingly international industry. Acting on this belief, Rolf invited the CEOs of twenty-one of Europe’s key brands to a first meeting and out of this meeting came the European Outdoor Group. Rolf was elected as the first EOG President, a post he held for six years, and Mark Held was elected Vice President. Mark was later asked to run the association as General Secretary and Rolf has continued to be an active Board member ever since. Now we are entering a new phase, with Rolf Schmid once again taking the lead in the organisation.

The EOG was founded in 2003 by 19 of the world’s largest outdoor companies, all of which recognised the need for a cohesive, cross border approach to the representation of the sector. In a world of increasing internationalism, issues such as legislation, environment, the media and trade are all now multi-national. Now, in 2014, the combined strength of our 60 member brands, and a close cooperation with national outdoor associations, provides us with an extremely powerful force to represent the European outdoor industry in a constructive and positive manner. As President for the next two years, Rolf Schmid will lead the EOG as it embarks on the next phase of its development.

Mark Held comments:

“Rolf’s willingness to once again contribute his time and knowledge to support the wider industry’s interests is remarkable and demonstrates his commitment to our association and to the good of the whole sector. Everyone at the EOG looks forward to achieving some more major milestones under his presidency.”