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Market Research Q&A Session

Tuesday 30th January at 11.00 – 12.00hrs, Room B52, East Entrance, ISPO

With the help of its membership and other outdoor companies (you don’t need to be a member to join the project), the European Outdoor Group (EOG) has published the most authoritative report on the market that has ever existed. The feedback received from current partners has all been very positive.

This report is a very useful business tool and, whilst the detailed data remains confidential between the participants, some key percentages have been published to support media, retailers and other industry partners. Communications and Marketing Associate Mathias Basedow commented, “The figure of around 10 billion Euros, which pops up again and again, was our first estimate of the total market size before the expert meeting. That this group have been able to confirm that this that we were close is great, but of course the only way you will be able verify this is by participating and getting the report.”

The current published figures are for 2010, the report for 2011 will be ready for the OutDoor Show in July to make it even more beneficial for decision makers. This shortens the period to join the project meaning that applications can only be accepted up to the end of February. If brands are interested in joining the next survey the EOG is offering a special Question and Answer Session.

Mathias Basedow added, “With Petzl joining, we now have one of the few missing international key players with us, but we hope to encourage, for this second edition, many more medium-sized brands to become involved. As the report is broken down by country as well as product category it is important that we encourage locally successful brands, of high relevance in European markets, to participate, and we will therefore have this informal Question and Answer Session at ISPO. Interested brands will get a feeling for the report, but we will not be sharing the detailed figures nor will we publish new figures. This is a brand-focused event and therefore our research partners will join us to help address any possible concerns. We will also explain fully the confidential data supply process, which involves a notary. Some interested brands did not realise that even the EOG itself is not able to gain access to the figures before they are converted to anonymous data by the notary.”

Based on the actual data supplied by 80 key companies, the ‘European Outdoor Group – State of the Trade 2010’ report delivered hard sales figures on markets and products to the participating companies and key percentages to the whole industry.

The research is a long-term project, it’s not too late for brands to join in, find out how they supply the data confidentially, and benefit as well. The Market Research Q&A Session is the ideal opportunity to learn more and get involved.

The EOG reserves the right to decline requests for participation if, for whatever reasons, it is considered that a brand’s involvement would not be in the wider interests of the project.

Graphs and earlier releases on this topic are available at  and can be used providing that copyright is attributed correctly to the European Outdoor Group.

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