Sustainability Events at ISPO

Sustainable Directions Breakfast ISPO, Monday 4th February at 08.00 – 11.00hrs

Turmblick (Käfer Restaurant), East Entrance, First Floor, ISPO

Please join us for breakfast, with the aim of exploring and learning together about sustainability in this mini conference. Please bring your suppliers and customers with you.

At ISPO this year we will have Kevin Myette, director of product and supply chain sustainability, Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) who will be providing an overview of the Chemicals Management Framework an output from the Outdoor Industry Association’s Chemicals Management Working Group.

The Framework is a comprehensive strategy assessment and planning tool to guide companies along the entire apparel and outdoor industry product value chain toward better chemicals management – from regulatory compliance to sustainable chemistry innovation. The Framework represents the collaborative work of retailers, brands, suppliers, government representatives, NGOs, academia and other subject-matter experts within the outdoor industry and beyond, and for the first time creates a common vision and a step-wise roadmap for all value chain partners to move collectively toward more sustainable chemistry — with the goal to ultimately reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in consumer products and their emissions to the environment and workplace.

The company who worked with PUMA on the Environmental Profit and Loss accounting system, Trucost will present ‘Understanding natural capital dependency – the business case and current approaches’. Trucost will present an approach to assessing the environmental impact of individual products in monetary terms, a process which seeks to provide businesses with a robust framework within which to embed environmental factors into strategic decision-making and with the ability to integrate that risk into financial planning. The presentation will include several examples of such analyses, including food products and clothing, an explanation of the business case for work of this nature and details of the key challenges faced in developing and applying the methodology.

Vanessa Knowles, project manager for the EOG will provide an overview and update of the EOG’s Sustainability Working Group, and Jason Kibbey, the executive director for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) will provide an update on the Higg Index and will also provide a preview of furture plans with the Higg Index and the SAC. The Higg Index came out of the ECO Index that was jointly developed by the European Outdoor Group and the US Outdoor Industry Association, and is being continuously developed to provide a complete apparel and footwear self-assessment tool.

Nick Morley of Oakdene Hollins will present ‘Textile Recycling in Europe’, the current state of clothing reuse and recycling across Europe, with the associated environmental and economic issues. He will look at likely future trends and innovations, including the potential for closed loop fibre recycling.

Footwear Index

ISPO, Monday 4th February at 13.00 – 15.00hrs

Room B52, above Hall B5, East Entrance, First Floor, ISPO

On Monday afternoon you will have the opportunity to take a first look at the new Footwear Index. Betsy Blaisdell, environmental stewardship, Timberland, who is a Chair of the Footwear Committee will present how to work through the Footwear Index and offer you the opportunity to get involved in piloting of this new industry wide tool. During the meeting you will be given:

Pilot Training: Overall process for Brand/Product/Facility Module completion and feedback.

Live demo: General online application features; how to use the Modules.

Live demo: How brand and suppliers can invite facilities to participate in the pilot.

Live demo: The facility pilot perspective – what they will see, what permissions will be like, etc.

Higg Index Training

ISPO, Monday 4th February at 16.00 – 17.00hrs

Room B52, above Hall B5, East Entrance, First Floor, ISPO

Jason Kibbey will provide you with a walk through of the Higg Index, how it works, how you could use it to help your business and understand what benefits you can gain from being involved.

This will be an in-depth look with the opportunity to ask specific questions. It will provide you with a look at the different modules for Brand; Product; and Facility.

For those of you not yet familiar with the Higg Index you may like to download it and take a look before attending the meeting:


All the above events are FREE for anyone attending ISPO, but you do need to register by emailing