Overview of the European outdoor market

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has released the key findings from the latest phase of its ongoing State of Trade market research programme.

Top line sell-in figures for 2014 showcase a sector that grew by 1.2% in value and 1.4% in volume, with an overall value of €4.83 billion, equating to an estimated €10.2 billion at retail.  The figures were significantly affected by circumstances in Russia, where the market reduced by 20.2%.  Excluding Russia, the European market grew by 2.7% in value and 2.3% in volume, at about the rate of inflation.

Most countries and categories reflected the overall growth figures, but there were some variations.  As in the previous year, footwear was the fastest growing category, up 2.8% in value and 4.0% volume.  Apparel, the largest category, was effectively flat, with just 0.1% growth in value, though this figure was significantly distorted by the situation in Russia and mild weather during autumn/winter.  Backpacks and luggage grew by around 2% in value and volume, with strong performance in both spring/summer and autumn/winter.  In equipment, climbing had a good year with growth in value and volume of around 2.5%, while growth in tents was about 2% and accessories grew in value by 2.8% and volume by 2.1%.  Russia had a big impact on sleeping bags and mattresses, but excluding that market, the category grew 1.8% in value and 2.9% in volume.

Click here for an infographic showing key results from State of Trade 2014.