Recycled Down - a sourcing best practice guide

This document was originally written in 2015, when recycled down was first significantly mentioned as a potential suitable alternative to virgin down for outdoor applications. However, it then lay dormant for the best part of two years, until renewed interest in the use of recycled materials encouraged us to update and make this document available in the public domain.

For brands that consider using recycled down, and intend to make any kind of content claim, there exists a need to obtain objective evidence to back up such claims. Without means of verification, claims can be easily challenged. 

The content presented in the guide is focused on discussing the chain of custody and transparency that is needed to leverage the potential of this material, both for animal welfare purposes as well as to work towards ‘closed loop’ solutions.

These guidelines apply to recycled down only. The intent is to provide guidance as to what the aspirational best practices of the industry are. Within this realm, the current situation may differ from the aspirational vision. Therefore, this document outlines the goal towards which the industry as a whole is working.

The document is intended as a supporting reference document for all members of the supply chain – producers, agents, suppliers, brands – and aims at creating a common understanding of:

The following aspects are currently and explicitly beyond the scope of this document:

You can read and download the guidelines here.

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