Call for advocacy around fibre classification.

Clarification of plastics definition for the uptake of cellulose fibres in Europe’s bio-economy.

The latest draft of the guidance document of the Directive (EU) 2019/904 (Single-Use Plastic Directive) was circulated in December 2020 and plans to include regenerated cellulose in their definition of ‘plastic’.

Despite being scientifically incorrect, as the ingoing and final polymer have the same chemical structure regardless of any modifications that might happen during the process, this message is inconsistent with previous communications around the classification of such fibres, and this lack of consistency could spillover into other legislative pieces at a later stage (such as Microplastics etc) which would cause barriers for the outdoor industry as we try to move to more sustainable practices.

'The SUPD aims to reduce the amount of single-use plastic products found in the environment. One important measure to reach that aim is to better inform consumers about the materials used in these products so they will choose more environmentally friendly products'

On this matter, the EOG has been in contact with a number of partner organisations who have produced the attached position paper.

Any advocacy of this paper (below) would be most beneficial at this stage (ideally with MEP’s).

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