It’s Great Out There Coalition launches #outdoorsathome campaign

The It’s Great Out There Coalition has unveiled a new initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with its membership of some of the biggest outdoor companies in Europe, the coalition has launched #outdoorsathome as the latest phase of its #itsgreatoutthere project.

Delivered through an online European hub, the project has been designed to keep motivating Europeans with a love for the outdoor to stay active and busy during the current difficult time. It is aligned with #BeActiveAtHome, which was revealed by the European Commission yesterday, and for the UK, #outdoorsathome is also collaborating with the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) and Ordnance Survey and will supply content from Europe for the new GetOutside-Inside hub.

The new #outdoorsathome initiative has gone live today at and will host relevant content generated from across Europe. It’s Great Out There Coalition members have been asked to share details of any initiatives that they are running during the pandemic, and those will be posted on the hub. The #itsgreatoutthere team is working very closely with the GetOutside-Inside campaign and will use and promote much of the material that is generated for the UK hub. In addition, the #itsgreatoutthere team will also create bespoke #outdoorsathome content that will be added to the site and shared through the growing pan-European #itsgreatoutthere network on social media.

Material in the #outdoorsathome campaign will include: Activation – at home activity ideas, videos and blogs; education – advice about gear and gear maintenance, and upskilling ready for the next outdoor adventure; entertainment – games, quizzes, challenges, links to movies, podcasts and other mountain culture; inspiration – stories, destinations and links to websites for planning the next trip. The hub has also been built to run a monitored feed of any social media posts that mention #outdoorsathome.

Margo de Lange, policy officer for the It’s Great Out There Coalition, comments: “Like everyone in our sector, we love the outdoors and are finding it really tough while opportunities to enjoy our favourite places are so limited. With the #itsgreatoutthere website, we have a ready-made platform for sharing ideas and inspiration, so we’ve been able to adapt that for these extraordinary circumstances. Through #outdoorsathome, we can post new content that our own team creates, and also share some of the amazing creative campaigns that brands across Europe are pushing out to help the public stay happy, healthy and inspired, and focused on their next outdoor adventures.”

All It’s Great Out There Coalition member organisations are being encouraged to send details of projects they are rolling out during the pandemic to the #itsgreatoutthere team, and to tag activity with #outdoorsathome. To contribute to the project, get in touch with Margo de Lange on

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