The Outdoor Market Intelligence Service Launching May 2023

The data service will provide retail sell-through analysis for the UK outdoor market including historical data back to 2019.

After two years of development, the European Outdoor Group, led by Pauline Shepherd, and Sporting Insights are excited to announce the launch of the Outdoor Market Intelligence Service, a retail sales reporting tool for the industry.

Launching initially in the UK market and with an eye on the wider Europe geography, this service is an audit of the full retail landscape covering sell-through data from all key channels – chains and independents; big-box and specialty; online and D2C, etc.  Retailers contributing to the service already include the JD Outdoors group, Decathlon,, Wiggle, Sport Pursuit, Ultimate Outdoors, AlpineTrek, TYF Adventure, Tog24, Equip, Merrell, and more, with additional doors being recruited on a daily basis.

With data being collected down to SKU level, the service will enable subscribers to have unparalleled access to secure, aggregated sales data enabling analysis by a multitude of filters including sales channel, region, product category, price point, gender, etc.

Subscribers will be granted access to an interactive dashboard with the ability to analyse the data, providing evidence-based insight to inform operational strategies, sales forecasts, omni-channel retail trends, brand and model sales performance and competitor benchmarking.

Subscription levels available will be on a category-by-category basis and are currently being discussed with membership and partners. The service will be launched in May 2023 and we are especially excited to announce that it will include historical data available back to 2019* providing immediate insights into market performance pre- and post-pandemic.


The importance of this service cannot be understated for the outdoor industry. The data and insight provided by Sporting Insights were instrumental in the lobbying of national and international support for the cycling industry throughout the pandemic. Being able to understand and quantify the economics of the outdoor industry will enable us to better lobby local, national, and European government and ensure that our industry does not fall behind.

For more information contact EOG Operations Director Scott Nelson

*Historical data available for most of market, but not across all retailers

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