Chemicals in Textile Production guide

Chemicals are a major component of garment and apparel manufacture, from the production and processing of fibres and raw materials, through the fabric and garment assembly, to the transportation of the finished articles.

These chemicals can pose a number of threats to the environment, and to the health of both the workers in the industry, and the end consumer.In order to ensure that products are safe, workers are protected, and to reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basic processes in the textile and garment production stages, and the use and function of chemicals in these processes.

This guide aims to give an overview of the presence and function of chemicals in textile production with links to further resources where appropriate. Starting with the specific processes in the textile production chain, including section on waste water and its treatment, and ending with auxiliary chemicals and their uses and information on common hazardous chemicals.

The guide, in pdf format can be downloaded below.

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