CSR & Sustainability in supply chain management

We have now made available a series of new publications;
Recycled Down – a sourcing best practice guide

This document is intended as a supporting reference document for all members of the supply chain – producers, agents, suppliers, brands – and aims at creating a common understanding of various aspects of the recycled down supply chain.  The guide covers: Supply chain structure and terminology; systematic traceability and associated voluntary labelling; environmental and health safety; and applicable legislation.

Chemicals in Textile Production

This guide aims to give an overview of the use and functions of chemicals used in textile production, as a way to impart a clear understanding of the multitude of chemicals necessary. The guide starts with clear explanations of processes in the textile production chain and the use and function of chemicals in these. It includes a section on waste water and its treatment, and ends with information on auxiliary chemicals and common hazardous chemicals, incorporating links to further resources where appropriate.

Waste Water Treatment - a guide to textile processing effluent: considerations, content, and management

The waste water from textile plants is considered one of the most polluting of many industrial sectors, considering the volume generated, as well as the effluent composition. This guide provides an overview of the waste water considerations, and content specific to textile production. In addition, it includes a step by step guide to effluent treatment, providing a basic understanding of the process to enable informed conversations with suppliers.

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