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What is the Global Stakeholder Roundtable on Responsible Down and Animal Welfare?

The Global Stakeholder Roundtable on 'Responsible Down and Animal Welfare' is an initiative, facilitated by the European and US outdoor industry, to bring all relevant players – such as brands from various industries; suppliers, slaughterhouses, and meat producers; and relevant animal welfare groups - together to improve the transparency, traceability and animal welfare across the down supply chain, and to promote best practice.

Roundtable Objectives:

Facilitate a collaborative dialogue and discourse throughout the landscape of stakeholders in down-using responsible down-producing industries (outdoor, fashion, bedding, home textiles, food/meat) and their respective roles, constraints, expectations, and goals

Investigate the remaining hurdles to responsible and transparent down sourcing practices, and the common challenges brands are facing when implementing best practice standards for animal welfare along the down supply chain

Exchange experiences across brands, and how ‘best practice’ is being rolled out and implemented

Establish collective needs and mutually support tangible next steps to scale best practices within the global down supply chain, across multiple industries and geographies

Continue to drive, and engage with, the ongoing developments with regards to down traceability in the outdoor industry, including the different animal welfare standards that have become the new state of art in down sourcing.

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To learn more about the global stakeholder roundtable on Responsible Down and Animal Welfare, and how your engagement may be beneficial to your company, contact the European Outdoor Group directly on:


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