Re-alignment Go to market cycle

The outdoor industry has identified a need to adjust the go-to-market cycle so that relevant products are properly aligned with the appropriate seasons.

EOG Head of Retail Peter Ottervanger has recruited a group of 25 leading retailers and brands who are co-operating to produce a non-binding industry proposal**

The current challenges:

Seasonal deliveries to retailers are often not aligned with real weather seasons

Dependencies on impact weather on stage of seasons deliveries

Amount of products in the market exceeds consumer demand and overstocks result.

Order deadlines are to early, retailers often lack market sales data before re-ordering for new season.

Current system is non sustainable

The goal is to:

Clarify the Why for a need to re align industry go to market cycle.

To encourage pre competitive conversations, and share visions and leanings.

The EOG wish to support and deliver a future vision for chain co-operation for retailers and brand

New or updated model(s) need to be sustainable.

EOG looking to develop a non-binding industry wide proposal to share to the industry.

Project Progress:

Initial Industry wide call with 25 member retailers and brands**

Learnings from the call

Next steps:

Working Group formed

Pre-order/sell-in data from brands and retailers.

Delivery data of brands to retailers.

Sell-through/sell-out data from retailer to consumers.

Outcome Expectations:

To deliver a non-binding industry wide proposal

Explore new models in Concept2Consumer process  (next phase)

For more information or to discuss joining the project contact

**all discussions and non-binding proposal to be completed within legal framework pre competitive conversation

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