Important UKCA transition update

The journey of the UK out of the European Union continues to bring change to how trade is conducted. As the EOG outlined earlier this summer, one of the areas currently undergoing transition is within the PPE sector and more specifically for the outdoor industry, hard goods and products carrying the CE marking. Examples include climbing and ski equipment such as helmets, ropes and cams.

In the future, products placed on the UK market, will be required to be tested to the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) certification, where previously a CE mark was applicable.

This change was due to come into effect on 1st January 2022, with the UKCA certification mark required to be attached to each individual product at point of sale. However, the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) this week learned that the government has announced plans to introduce legislation which will enable CE marked goods to continue being placed in the UK market until 1st January 2023.

This is very welcome news for many companies in the outdoor industry and a great win for the OIA and their collaborators, including the Sport & Recreation Alliance and a working group of OIA/EOG members who have been lobbying the UK government in the strongest terms for an extension to the previous deadline of January 2022 for the full transition.  

Confirmation that the government has decided to provide an additional year for businesses to adapt to UKCA requirements, ensures that all outdoor recreation product sectors now have until 1st January 2023 to get ready to use the UKCA marking. However, it has been made clear that this is the ‘final’ deadline and there will be no further extension.

Commenting on this important news for the industry, Andrew Denton, OIA CEO, says:

“The OIA has been working hard during the pandemic to build momentum and recognition for the importance of the outdoor recreation sector in the recovery process. The Brexit deadline gave us some extra challenges, and the OIA is really pleased to have been able to support the industry in this vital issue. This extension may be a testament to the noticeable shift in support from government to engage, listen and support Outdoor Recreation in the recovery.”

The complete list of all the sectors covered by the UKCA marking can be found HERE.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will host an online seminar at 14:00 BST on Thursday 2nd September to help businesses understand changes and the actions they need to take. You can register for the event HERE.

The EOG and the OIA are fully committed to supporting the industry as it adapts to the UKCA regime and over the next 16 months will continue to engage with all parties, including the Federation of the European Sporting goods Industry (FESI), to ensure preparations for the new requirements are understood by all.

Anyone wishing for more information on this matter should contact Jane Turnbull at

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