Outdoor Market Intelligence Service - European roll-out

On 21st June 2023 the EOG hosted a Webinar on the new Outdoor Market Intelligence Service. This new sell out report offers an all new service for the Outdoor industry.

Arne Strate and Scott Nelson from the EOG presented the current situation with the UK pilot study along with plans and mechanisms for the expansion of the service across Europe.

The video below contains a discussion of the product categorisation (from 11:20) and a live demo of the service (from 34:20)

Also below is the slide deck presented by Scott Nelson.

After extensive consultation and feedback on 31st July 2023 the EOG held a follow up webinar for the Outdoor Market Intelligence Service (recording below).

The latest draft product categorisation can be found to download below, this also includes initial information on product filters for the report.

For further information or to give feedback please contact Scott Nelson: scott.nelson@europeanoutdoorgroup.com

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