Recycled Wool

A Primer for Newcomers & Rediscoverers

Wool is slowly recovering some of its former popularity as an ingredient material in the manufacture of outdoor products. While for some it is an old acquaintance, for many others in this current time and age, it is a new, or novel, material for the portfolio. Wool also opens up opportunities for product innovation, as well as for learning afresh about the challenges and benefits related to using this animal-originated fibre. In this context, awareness about, and scrutiny of, a range of possible challenges increases. A few of the most important to mention are related to the environmental credentials of recycled content, its traceability and authenticity, and animal welfare.

Such focus aligns well with the wider work done in this area such as the development of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which focuses on the traceability of virgin wool. This report has been developed to outline and summarise relevant information, which may be usable and useful for brands that want to consider integrating recycled wool into their materials portfolio. In short, it is intended to foster the dialogue and relationship building between brands and the recycled wool supply chain.

You can read and download the report below.

The report includes a useful infographic/poster, which you can view and download below.

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