Retail Outdoor Barometer

Collecting retail sell out data over more than 1000 doors across European markets and providing valuable performance benchmarks for participants. The focus of the market data research covers:        

  • Brand sales – the wholesale sell-in to the retail market – The State of Trade report
  • The State of Trade is the main industry research measuring the sell-in value of the market and this has been running for several years now.More recently, we have set up a pilot study working with retailers to assess how to progress POS tracking for the industry.

    The Retail Barometer pilot is now at its second stage and will run until July 2019.This is a confidential survey, which is open to retailers and brands with their own shops selling in Europe. The purpose of the ‘barometer’ is to get a measure of how sales are performing at retail in the outdoor sector and provide a benchmark to participating retailers, with their sales versus the industry average.There is a detailed product breakdown for the outdoor sector categories of apparel, footwear, and hardwear and accessories. In addition to this, we also collect data at category level for 11 additional sport sectors.A number of metrics are measured including:

    • Turnover / units comparison
    • Performance values of each sports sector
    • Market share of each sports sector
    • Market share of the product categories
    • Outdoor: Detailed assortments analysis for each product line
    • Assortment developments for the remaining sports sectors at category level.

    The survey runs each quarter, comparing sales to the same period for the previous year.


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