Sustainability in Hard Goods

The new European Outdoor Group report 'Sustainability in Hard Goods’ is a first response to the expressed need of hard goods brands, to better understand and integrate sustainability aspects into their core business, processes, and practices.

The report was inspired by discussions and questions raised in the European Outdoor Group (EOG) Hard Goods Roundtables on sustainability, which started in 2017 and have been a part of the European Outdoor Group sustainability agenda at the two annual European trade-shows since then. At the roundtables, a gap between the different parts of the outdoor sector has been identified in terms of consumer awareness and available tools for sustainability. Now we see that the demand for sustainable solutions are raising generally, but there is still uncertainty and some lack of specific sustainability tools for many hard goods materials, technologies and processes.

In this document, Peak Innovation and the European Outdoor Group offers an overview of sustainability topics to consider, relevant available tools and best practice cases showing some efforts and gains in the field of hard goods sustainability.

The document includes:
• Considerations for specific materials and processes
• Sustainability tools and standards
• Legislation considerations
• Circular economy aspects

The full report is available for download below.

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