The European Outdoor Group at the ISPO Re.Start Days

Our team was busy this week at the ISPO Re.Start Days, during which we led a workshop that covered some of the key issues that our industry is facing at the moment.

Under the direction of Arne Strate, Secretary General of the EOG, the following participants discussed the future of the outdoor sports industry in a workshop within the ISPO Re.Start Days
- Peter Ottervanger (Head of Retail/ European Outdoor Group)
- Pauline Shepard (Head of Market Research/ European Outdoor Group)
- Scott Nelson (Programme Manager/ European Outdoor Group)
- Pippa Goodman (Client Partner/Foresight Factory)
- Moderation: Arne Strate (Secretary General/ European Outdoor Group)
The main question on the agenda came as no surprise: How has Covid-19 affected people's enthusiasm for sport and the outdoor industry? In keeping with the ISPO Re.Start Days, this was of course coupled with the follow-up question: How can we make a fresh start?

Courtesy of ISPO, you can now read a report on that workshop HERE.

If you want to discuss any of the topics covered in more detail, please get in touch via

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