CSR & Sustainability

The European Outdoor Group prioritises and drives work in key sustainability areas to collectively accelerate global change.

At the highest level, investment in CSR and sustainability may be considered an essential part of ensuring there is a viable future for our industry. It has the potential to impact massively on the reputation, operational efficiency, innovation, the long-term prosperity of our industry, and the natural and societal environment we capitalise on.

We work towards achieving an overarching vision of an outdoor sector that does global, profitable business in a way that gives back more than it takes from nature and from people. We concentrate resources into a number of focus areas, breaking down sustainability into operable topics underpinned by the Sustainability Charter.

We educate, provide opportunities to make an impact, represent the industry and mitigate risk, respond to our members needs, and cultivate CSR networking opportunities.

CSR & Sustainability Activities and Outcomes

Climate Action

The EOG climate action work has been developed in response to global reports on climate change, the goals set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement and increasing consumer interest in sustainability. By addressing climate change now, we have the opportunity to drive innovation in materials, technologies and product use; influence regulation and legislation; reduce supply chain disruption; and benefit from engagement with climate conscious customers. 

Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment

The Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment (ORCC) is a voluntary network of retailers in the European products industry who believe that climate change is one of the most important issues in our society and that the outdoor sector needs to lead the way in climate protection.

Single Use Plastics Project

Industry-wide problems demand an industry-sized response. For this reason over 45 brands and retailers from the outdoor industry are working together to take responsibility for their single use plastic poly bags. Started in 2018, the Single Use Plastics Project, has sought to research and assess the impact of plastic bags in the supply chain of outdoor clothing and equipment, and to work swiftly towards making a meaningful impact on the problem.

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Courses & Resources

The European Outdoor group provides a wide range of courses, projects and reports for members and the wider industry.

European Sustainability Strategy Course

The European Outdoor Group, together with Peak 63, is offering the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course with the tools to build a solid sustainability strategy.

Projects & Workgroups

The European Outdoor Group has a wide range of Projects and Workgroups open to members and the wider outdoor sector.

European Sustainability Strategy Course

The European Outdoor Group, together with Peak 63, is offering the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course with the tools to build a solid sustainability strategy.


The European Outdoor group work closely with a number of associations, publications and national bodies to offer special access, discounts and opportunities to our members.

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The EOG work with national and international agencies to support and advise the implementation of policy for our members and the wider sector.

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A central part of our sustainability strategy

Sustainability Charter

This voluntary Sustainability Charter outlines the European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) understanding of what good corporate citizenship and responsibility entails.

There does not exist a single, unified, and globally recognised pre-defined path, tool or methodology to undertake this voluntary journey. This is particularly the case for a group of brands as diverse as those represented in the EOG.  As a consequence, we encourage each member (and the outdoor industry as a whole) to establish what is the most suitable sustainability-related approach for each of them individually.

The voluntary EOG Sustainability Charter aspires to be a support and guidance for any such decisions.

sustainability charter

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