CSR & Sustainability at the European Outdoor Group

The European Outdoor Group prioritises and drives work in key sustainability areas to collectively accelerate global change.

At the highest level, investment in CSR and sustainability may be considered an essential part of ensuring there is a viable future for our industry. It has the potential to impact massively on the reputation, operational efficiency, innovation, the long-term prosperity of our industry, and the natural and societal environment we capitalise on.

We work towards achieving an overarching vision of an outdoor sector that does global, profitable business in a way that gives back more than it takes from nature and from people.We concentrate resources into a number of focus areas, breaking down sustainability into operable topics underpinned by the Sustainability Charter.

Sustainability Categories

Our CSR & Sustainability strategy has been organised across a range of categories:

Responsible Resource Use

Effective and responsible use of materials, chemicals, and resources: The use of natural resources has not been sustainably managed with finite resources being depleted, and renewable resources destroyed. The industry must adapt a ‘borrow-use-return approach’ to enable responsible consumption.

Safe Emissions

Responsible emissions to air, water, and land (waste): Pollution represents a truly great challenge, products must be redesigned and operations managed so that they cause no harm to people or planet.

Ethical Supply Chains

Supply chain welfare for people and animals: The outdoor industry relies on people and animals to function across global supply chains. These need to be managed so that communities can thrive, and people and animals have the capacity and opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.

Care for Consumers

Consumer considerations: The relationship between consumers and sustainability is rarely addressed; consumers are directly affected by products and play an important role in their end of life. As such, dialogue needs to be started to enable the industry to progress.

Fair Business

Business practice and economic considerations: For a business to be truly sustainable, it must address not only the necessary environmental and social aspects but also conduct business in an ethical manner, refraining from unfair trade practices and any form of bribery or corruption.

A central part of our sustainability strategy

Sustainability Charter

This voluntary Sustainability Charter outlines the European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) understanding of what good corporate citizenship and responsibility entails.

There does not exist a single, unified, and globally recognised pre-defined path, tool or methodology to undertake this voluntary journey. This is particularly the case for a group of brands as diverse as those represented in the EOG.  As a consequence, we encourage each member (and the outdoor industry as a whole) to establish what is the most suitable sustainability-related approach for each of them individually.

The voluntary EOG Sustainability Charter aspires to be a support and guidance for any such decisions.

sustainability charter

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