Sustainability Data Exchange Project

The Sustainability Data Exchange (SDEX) Questionnaire, is a recommended tool to facilitate harmonised product level sustainability communication between brands and retailers and to reduce the multiple and diverse sustainability data requests that currently exist.

The tool was developed collaboratively between the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel-Industrie (BSI), it was launched in July 2023 and you can find the recording from the launch webinar here. and the slides can be downloaded below.

The SDEX Questionnaire is now available and ready to use, this tutorial video below explains how the questionnaire will work and the SDEX questionnaire and introduction can be downloaded below.

Copyright © 2023 European Outdoor Group (EOG) and Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel Industrie (BSI).
No part of the attached excel file may be copied, duplicated or integrated into other tools or platforms without the prior written consent of the EOG and BSI.
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