The EOG offers a variety of collaborative projects in which its members can engage. Collaborative projects offer a powerful means to leverage collective strengths, maximise resources, and achieve outcomes that might be challenging for individuals or smaller groups to accomplish independently. More project information,  exclusively for EOG members, can be found in the Members log-in area.  

Sustainability Data Exchange project

The Sustainability Data Exchange (SDEX) Questionnaire, is a recommended tool to facilitate harmonised product level sustainability communication between brands and retailers and to reduce the multiple and diverse sustainability data requests that currently exist.

Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment

The Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment (ORCC) is a voluntary network of retailers in the European products industry who believe that climate change is one of the most important issues in our society and that the outdoor sector needs to lead the way in climate protection.

Carbon Reduction Project

A collaborative approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or increase renewable energy usage within the outdoor industry supply chain.

Impact Accelerator Fund for Climate

The carbon footprint related to the production of outdoor apparel, footwear and hard goods is significant. This is due to the extreme energy and resource intensity, with most impact taking place in the raw material and processing steps of the supply chain.

Single Use Plastics Project

Brands and retailers from the outdoor industry are working together to take responsibility for their single use plastic poly bags.


Below are a range of downloadable publications produced by the EOG and our partners for use by members and the wider outdoor sector.

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Below are a range of resources produced by the EOG or our partners that are made available for our members and the wider industry. EOG members can find further Member-only resources in the members area using your EOG log-in details.

Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) pilot in Bangladesh

The Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) Project aims to compensate workers for any loss of earnings resulting from permanent disability and provides compensation for dependents in the case of worker deaths.

PFAS Workshop: November 2023

Recording and downloadable slides of the EOG PFAS Workshop that took place on 28th November 2023

EOG ISPO 2023 presentations, Day 2

Download all the presentations from the EOG stage at ISPO 2023 Day 2.

CSR presentations from ISPO 2023, EOG Stage, Day 1

Download slides and content from presentations at ISPO 2023 on the EOG stage Day 1.

EOG Race to Zero

EOG Race to Zero, information for members before the member vote.

CSR & Sustainability at OutDoor by ISPO 2023

CSR & Sustainability presentations from OutDoor by ISPO 2023

Industry Breakfast, OutDoor by ISPO 2023

Download the content and slides from the EOG Industry Breakfast @ OutDoor by ISPO 2023

Presentations from the EOS at OutDoor by ISPO 2023

View and download all the presentations and content from the first EOS @ OutDoor by ISPO in 2023

EOG CSR Presentations from ISPO 2022

All content from EOG presentations at ISPO 2022 can be downloaded below.

EOG CSR presentations from OutDoor by ISPO 2022

The EOG had a packed programme at OutDoor by ISPO 2022. All content from the CSR presentations at the show are available for download below.

EU Releases Due Diligence Proposal

‍In February 2022 the European Commission published its proposal on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence.

‍Policy Hub: Position paper on Textile Waste as a Resource

Looking at waste as a resource is key to closing the loop and making the circular economy truly circular. This will be particularly important for textiles waste, which the EU Member States are obliged to separate as of 2025.

ECHA announces 8 new SVHC to REACH candidate list

Today 8 Juli 2021, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) announced 8 new Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) to the REACH Candidate list.

Climate Action Programme: An introduction

The European Outdoor Group Climate Action Programme will guide participants through the “climate action journey” and enable them to actively reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions they produce, by developing and implementing a climate strategy that is in line with science-based recommendations and policy requirements.

Growing evidence around the opportunities for non-mulesed wool

New reports around the practice of mulesing provide ever increasing evidence that mulesing is an outdated practice that can be bred out

Understanding end-of-life and recycling practices

The DEMETO project aims to be the first feasible and sustainable industrial application of chemical treatment for reuse of PET waste streams

Sustain the Momentum

During this digital two-day event, we welcomed sustainability pioneers and activists from the outdoor community who champion interesting solutions.

Sustainability Charter

The Sustainability Charter outlines the European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) understanding of what good corporate citizenship and responsibility entails and is a pre-requisite for EOG membership.

New research reveals greater public appetite for outdoor activity

Today, we released details of new research which reveals that the appeal of outdoor activities has been boosted by enforced COVID-19 restrictions. In a survey of consumers in seven countries*

Joint statement on microfibres

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and the European Outdoor Group (EOG), collectively representing over 1500 companies, recognise the outdoor industry’s potential contribution to microfibre pollution

DWR Report: consumer and brand perceptions

In 2015, the EOG supported a study into durable water repellent finishes (DWRs) undertaken by De Montfort University (School of Fashion and Textiles) in Leicester, UK.The project involved several partners and focused on consumer and brand perceptions and attitudes towards DWRs in relation to product features, usability and aftercare. The survey was conducted in Germany, the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark and the USA and offers some useful insights.

European Sustainability Strategy Course

The European Outdoor Group, together with Peak 63, is offering the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course with the tools to build a solid sustainability strategy.


Working groups and roundtables provide a valuable opportunity to engage with fellow EOG members on specific themes or topics. They offer a chance to delve into and discuss unique challenges, as well as collaboratively explore solutions. By becoming a part of these groups, you not only gain access to relevant communications on the discussed topics but also receive invitations to a variety of workshops, roundtables, and other valuable outputs. The groups vary in size, scope, and the nature of their outputs, offering a diverse range of opportunities for involvement.

Climate & Race to Zero

The Race to Zero (RTZ) is the UNFCCCs accepted initiatives for climate action that can move us towards achieving the Paris accord.It mobilises a coalition of leading net-zero initiatives. All Partners must meet robust science-aligned criteria. Partner initiatives are responsible for helping to bring members to the starting line to credibly race to zero emissions.


Through policy engagement, the European Outdoor Group advocates the position of the outdoor sector, to ensure that policy is fit for purpose and fit for industry. We also work with a external partners to ensure that members are business ready for the implementation of new measures.

FESI Update on the ESPR & Textile delegated act

12. Waste Framework Directive

11. Revision of the Textile labelling Regulation

09. Revision of the EU Chemicals Legislation

US PFAS Policy Landscape

08. Revision of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

07. EU Taxonomy

02. Due Diligence

PFAS Regulation in Textiles (US)

10. Substantiating green claims

06. Forced Labour

05. Empowering Consumers

04. Eco-design for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR)

03. EU strategy for sustainable textiles

01. Overview of the EU legislative Pipeline

00 EU Policy 101

Knowledge Hub