The EOG had a packed programme at OutDoor by ISPO 2022

All content from the CSR presentations at the show are available for download below.

Textile to Textile Recycling with the Accelerating Circularity Project
Petra Schweiger, Programme Manager Europe, Accelerating Circularity

Accelerating Circularity aims to establish systems that will use the embedded value and resources in existing textiles for new products, reducing the millions of tons of textile waste annually going into landfills and thereby supporting the reduction of the industry’s GHG emissions.Join to hear how EOG members are participating in the system trials and the project's learnings so far.

Higg Tools forSporting Equipment
Karin Ekberg, Leadership& Sustainability| Angela Ng, SustainableApparel Coalition

Join the EOG, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition andLeadership and Sustainability to hear how they have been working together and with brands and retailers from the hard goods sector to develop the Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) to better function and support sporting goods facilities who wish to use the Higg FEM. Hear how they have developed the 'How to Higg' Guide and how they are currently working on the FEM 4.0 to ensure it specifically supports sporting equipment manufacturers, their processes and materials.

Impact Calculator and Eco-Passport from Oeko-Tex
John Murphy,Technical Director Europe, Hohenstein Group

OEKO-TEX® provides tools for management and communication of safety and sustainability efforts. The modular system ensures these services work together for traceability, transparency, and cost reduction along the textile and leather supply chains.

Synthetic Fiber & Materials Strategy at Textile Exchange
Dr. Kate Riley,Fiber & Materials Strategy Lead: Synthetics, Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange share an update on its new Fiber and Materials Strategy for Synthetics, together with ambitious short-term and long-term goals as we work towards achieving the 45%GHG reduction goal by 2030.  Details on the areas of priority within theSynthetics category, including recycled and bio based, as well as updates on the activities of the organisation in the coming years will be explained and discussed.

Transparency in the Supply Chain using the Open Apparel Registry
Katie Shaw, Chief Programme Officer, Open Apparel Registry

The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) exists to open up supply chain data for the benefit of all. It is a free, open data tool mapping garment facilities worldwide and allocating a unique ID to each. With its ability to automatically map supply chains while simultaneously cleaning data, it has become a go-to tool for brands collaboratively disclosing their supply chain data, rather than maintaining disparate spreadsheets and PDFs. Join us to learn how outdoor brands are benefitting from disclosing their supply chain data on the OAR, and how the EOG plans to use the OAR in its upcoming work.

Heightened Human Rights Due Diligence – An Insight into Current Risks
Mariette van Amstel, Head of Membership, Fair Wear Foundation

At present there are several conflicts that are having a direct impact on the people working in the outdoor industry’s supply chain, in particular the respective situations in Ukraine and Myanmar. The EuropeanOutdoor Group invites Fair Wear Foundation to give an overview of ‘heightened human rights due diligence’ with the aim of building awareness and understanding of the wide-ranging affects these events have on the human rights and what the sector can do to address the workers affected.

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