The Race to Zero (RTZ) is the UNFCCCs accepted initiatives for climate action that can move us towards achieving the Paris accord.

It mobilises a coalition of leading net-zero initiatives. All Partners must meet robust science-aligned criteria. Partner initiatives are responsible for helping to bring members to the starting line to credibly race to zero emissions.

The RTZ is NOT itself a pledge or body of activation - rather it is a grouping of partnerships put together by the UNFCCC to vet OUR climate action initiatives, and to move us all away from tailor-made, unverifiable, scattered pledges, investment, and efforts. In short,  we believe it's the accepted climate initiatives we should be joining to half emissions by 2030.

For the past few years, action around climate has been voluntary, and now, for EOG members it is mandatory.

With a seemingly endless array of available commitments, pledges, projects, and initiatives, it can be confusing to know which to invest in, which are worthy, which will actually help us arrive at our collect goal, and which way the industry as a whole is going.

That's the problem we would like to solve.

Below are recordings of Race to Zero information Webinars from the EOG.

Further relevant documents can be downloaded below.

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