Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) pilot - Bangladesh

Last week, the EOG was joined by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Giz and Oberalp for a webinar on the Employment Injury Scheme Bangladesh (EIS). This pilot project has been put in place to bring insurance to workers in Bangladesh, and provide them with financial protection in the event of suffering an injury or death while at work.

Presently, workers in Bangladesh do not receive the benefits they would be entitled to as per globally agreed minimum standards for employment injury and this is a risk in a supply chain.The Employment Injury Scheme (EIS) Project aims to compensate workers for any loss of earnings resulting from permanent disability and provides compensation for dependents in the case of worker deaths.

If you have production in Bangladesh, or are considering that for the future, and would like to understand more about this pilot and how brands can be involved and assist in addressing this issue, then please find below a recording of the webinar and the slides that were presented.