A number of new reports around the practice of mulesing are providing ever increasing evidence that mulesing is an outdated practice that can be bred out easily and result in higher economic gains.

The first report ‘Strategic and novel approaches to reducing flystrike in sheep’ by NeXtgen Agri and commissioned by Meat & Livestock Australia suggest that eliminating flystrike and mulesing to zero is possible, and should go hand-in-hand and be the industry’s main focus.

It goes on to suggest that the industry is showing a lack of change and leadership by ignoring the existing pain-free, non-surgical and non-chemical solutions, and that mulesing is against consumers expectations. The report goes on to propose a strategy to eliminate the need for mulesing altogether.

The second report, ‘Towards a Non-Mulesed Future’ by BG Economics and funded by Humane Society International and FOUR PAWS has examined data from 97 growers, and found that most (77.5%) transitioned to plain-bodied Merinos within five years and 42.7% within two years. Most growers surveyed for the report said:

...moving to plain-bodied Merinos is not costly, increased lamb production, lowered body strike, and generated wool price premiums and a higher return on investment...

‘Strategic and novel approaches to reducing flystrike in sheep’ full report and summary can be found below.

‘Towards a Non-Mulesed Future’ full report and a summary of the results can be found below.


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