Can the industry support the rising interest for the outdoors and convert it into care for nature?

Can brands and retailers reduce the ecological footprint of a growing outdoor community and remain profitable?

During this digital two-day event, we welcomed sustainability pioneers and activists from the outdoor community who champion interesting solutions. Together with the audience, we explored two main themes that are particularly relevant for the outdoor community at this historic point:

Day 1: From Active to Activist

After years of steady growth, the Summer season of 2020 was a time when thousands of outdoor novices discovered the benefits of spending time in nature. How can we support the novices, and help even more people get involved? And how can we encourage the outdoor community towards a conscious movement for better environmental stewardship?

Host: EOG/Itsgreatoutthere

Day 1: 01. Training workout

Clear the furniture, move the cat and find some space to start the day with a workout - outdoors!
Our Personal Trainer, Antowan Jones, leads you through a workout session from his favourite park in Stockholm.

Day 1: 02. Welcome & From Participation to CoCreation

Welcome to Sustain the Momentum event.

After years of steady growth, the Summer season of 2020 was a time when thousands of outdoor novices discovered the benefits of spending time in nature. This session will present participation figures and discuss how can we support the novices, and help even more people get involved?

Day 1: 03. Working with outdoor communities

In 2010, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets covered five global strategic goals deemed critical to combating dangerous levels of biodiversity loss.  Fast-forward to 2020, and none of them have been met globally, leaving global biodiversity in a perilous state. This session will present the Edinburgh Declaration, published in August 2020 by the Scottish Government.  This urges leaders to work more closely with sub-national governments, indigenous peoples, national parks, local councils and wider society to address biodiversity and contribute towards meeting lasting biodiversity goals.  Working with the outdoor community is crucial as part of this in growing the movement for better – and bolder - environmental stewardship.

Des Thompson (NatureScot)

Day 1: 04. How brands and retailers can motivate communities

There are a number of opportunities for brands and retailers to engage with the communities to encourage activity, and promote activism. What can these relationships look like for both brands and retailers and what benefits can be found for the community, the environment, and the economy? This session will share the experiences of both a small independent retailer, and a large global brand/retailer and explore what involvement can realistically look like and how everyone can benefit.

Rob and James Turnbull (Outside)

Herve Dupied (Patagonia)

Day 1: 05. Panel - An activist perspective

There are a number of organisations that combine outdoor activity with community action. This panel will hear from a number of projects and provide an opportunity to deep dive into the motivations and drivers from both a projects and personal perspective.

David Malacrida (Riders for Refugees)

Rhiane Fatinikun (Black Girls Hike),

Hetty Key (Women's Trad Festival and One Run Global)

Moderator: Dr. Pamela Ravasio (Shirahime)

Day 2: When Less is More

The best way to reduce production impacts is to simply produce less. Does a growing outdoor community necessarily require a growing amount of clothes and gear? Or are there smart, profitable and sustainable ways to instead reduce materials, energy and waste? How can brands and retailers support a positive movement without a growing negative impact?

Host: Suston Magazine

Day 2: 01. Yoga with Christa

Focus breath, body and mind to positively ease us into the day. Our yoga instructor Christa Maynard, leads you through a Hatha session next to the water in Stockholm.

Day 2: 02. Welcome & When less is more

Welcome to day 2 of Sustain the Momentum.

In a recent industry meeting, the buzzwords anti-consumption and degrowth were described as "the elephant in the room" when it comes to true sustainability in the outdoor sector. But these concepts are often misunderstood and rarely incorporated into business strategy. This presentation will introduce a few of the models, research, and economic theories originally designed to promote growth, which can be reverse-engineered to reduce consumption. This foundation will support the discussions for the practical applications being presented throughout the rest of the day.

Gabriel Arthur (Suston)

Jonathan Frænkel-Eidse (Suston)

Scott Nelson (EOG)

Day 2: 03. Circularity - Moving from talk to action

Seen as the primary sustainable solution to consumerism, there’s a lot of talk about circularity these days. But it’s mostly just that. Talk. Using the latest data and compelling case studies, this session aims to help inform and guide the audience towards transforming their organisation’s circular intent into action.

Gwen Cunningham (Circle Economy)

Hélène Smits (Circle Economy)

Day 2: 04. Subscription and sharing economies in practice

This session aims to highlight two different business models – Dutch bicycle subscription company Swapfiets and Scandinavia's biggest outdoor clothing and gear rental company Outdoor Buddies. Drawing from their experiences, you’ll learn how these models can be used to meet the new consumer’s needs, sustainably and profitably.

Richard Burger (Swapfiets)

Magnus Sellberg (Outdoor Buddies)

Day 2: 05. Panel - Extending product use stage

This session aims to explore the ins and outs of an emerging product lifecycle model, which takes a cradle-to-cradle approach that prolongs the use stage through reuse and repair, and recycles it at end-of-life back into the supply chain.

Martine Postma (Repair Café)

Hilke Patzwall (Vaude)

Fabian Nendza (Frilufts AB / Globetrotter)

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