With the global challenges ahead, sustainable solutions are needed at all levels of society.Outdoor industry players, with nature as their playground, are expected to have sustainability as a core aspect of the business strategy.

The European Sustainability Strategy Course can be accessed here: https://eog-essp-programme.thinkific.com/courses/ESC

The course costs €600 but is free for EOG Members and heavily discounted for national association members.

EOG and national association members should contact EOG Head of CSR & Sustainability katy.stevens@europeanoutdoorgroup.com for a discount code for access to the course.

The European Outdoor Group, together with Peak 63, is offering the EOG Sustainability Strategy Course with the tools to build a solid sustainability strategy. By starting in your current situation and establishing a structured approach to the challenges ahead, it activates the whole company for concrete action while in parallel establishing long-term goals, follow-up methods and strategy development.

The course is tailored for small/mid-sized companies in the outdoor sports sector, referring to tools and examples that relate to your current reality. After implementing all parts of this course, you will have a corporate sustainability strategy with wide acceptance, a structured approach to future challenges and on-going transitional activities in many parts of the company.

The EOG Sustainability Strategy Course is a self-study course in five parts, progressing from your current state through strategy formulation and choice of sustainability tools, to engagement and concrete sustainability action.

1.    Sustainability Baseline

·       Identify your key challenges and opportunities.Create an initial action list to get started right away.

2.    Vision, ambition and engagement

·       Establish your ambition level and formulate a vision which will set the general direction for future efforts.

3.    Strategy formulation

·       Express your specific focus areas, goals and targets, to streamline all efforts towards sustainability and engage both internal and external stakeholders.

4.    Sustainability frameworks

·       Enable a structured follow-up and explore the tools you may need for further work.

5.    Activity planning

·       Initiate the concrete activities starting your sustainability journey. Build engagement and energy for sustainability action.

Joel Svedlund, managing partner at Peak 63

“The course is based on a proven method, which we have further developed into a program for small and medium sized companies in the outdoor industry and has been completed by several outdoor companies. Together with EOG we saw an opportunity to make the content more accessible in our industry to help companies accelerating their sustainability transition”

The course combines texts and illustrations with videos containing fact-based learning and inspirational examples from outdoor industry brands.

"If you’re looking at starting your sustainability work or transforming good intentions into action that have an effect, this is the program you can’t afford to miss. For Icebug it has been a tremendous help in moving our sustainability work forward. The program will help you structure the work, get the right tools, prioritise right and engage the whole organisation – getting you to a much less risky place before sustainability becomes a disruptor for your business."

CEO Icebug, David Ekelund

The EOG Sustainability Strategy Course has been produced by European Outdoor Group and Peak 63.

Contact Katy.stevens@europeanoutdoorgroup.com