Sustainability Data Exchange Project: Prototype Presentation

Katy Stevens EOG | Maïté Angleys, BSI

Since early 2023, the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Sportartikel-Industrie (BSI) have been running a Sustainability Data Exchange Project. This project addresses the problematic situation around the exchange of sustainability data at product level between brand and retail. Currently, in most cases, extensive Excel spreadsheets and questionnaires must be filled out for each product and for each trading partner. Overall, this process is very time-consuming for all parties involved due to duplicated work steps.

This session presented the outcomes of the project so far including a sneak peek at the first prototype.

Repair Workshop

Repair services are a critical part of the future of circularity, prolonging the lifetime of products and reducing the impact of new production. Historically a core element of the outdoor sector ethos, consumers have always valued the ability to repair and extend the lifetime of their products. However, as circularity takes front and centre stage and becomes a critical part of legislative compliance, the time to discuss what is needed for the future of repair is now.

This workshop brought together key stakeholders to discuss where the industry currently is on the topic and explored the challenges, barriers and opportunities to making this a viable business prospect.

Tools for Traceability - Sector Analysis: Transparency

Joel Svedlund, Peak 63

Transparency and traceability have in recent years gained importance and are now pivotal success factors for future business. Significant developments in policy alone, will demand a high level of traceability across the full value chain going forward. Along with increased requirements, has come a phenomenal range of tools now on offer from this burgeoning new sector. However, what each of these tools bring to a company and how they integrate with existing systems varies enormously. As such, understanding them and what they will deliver has never been more important.To help the industry find the tool that meet their precise needs of their brands and suppliers, Peak 63 and Textile & Fashion 2030 have been mapping this market.

Joel Svedlund, Peak 63, presented an overview of various traceability tools for textile value chains, followed by key questions to find a traceability solution that matches the needs and examples of implementation by industry players.

Presentations can be downloaded below