The Sustainability Charter outlines the European Outdoor Group’s (EOG) understanding of what good corporate citizenship and responsibility entails and is a pre-requisite for EOG membership.

There does not exist a single, unified, and globally recognised pre-defined path, tool or methodology to undertake this journey. This is particularly the case for a group of brands as diverse as those represented in the EOG.  As a consequence, we encourage each member (and the outdoor industry as a whole) to establish what is the most suitable sustainability-related approach for each of them individually.

The EOG Sustainability Charter aspires to be a support and guidance for any such decisions.

It is therefore intended only as a guidance and help for the journey towards sustainable development that we encourage our members, and the outdoor industry at large, to undertake.

It is a matter of course that the EOG supports its members in their efforts, through a range of resources and means that are already in place for them to use and fall back upon.

EOG CSR & Sustainability Strategy

The EOG CSR & Sustainability Charter outlines the EOG’s aspiration and guidance of our everyday work.

We have further defined a number of focus areas and core values, in order to focus the EOG’s resources effectively. These were chosen following a combination of direct EOG member feedback and materiality assessment, and are based on the GRI framework and it's schematic of breaking down ‘sustainability’ into operable topics.

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