OutDoor by ISPO media kit and ticket information

OutDoor by ISPO 2023 is now under 3 months away and we look forward to meeting our members and the wider industry in Munich from 4 to 6 June.

After the success of OutDoor by ISPO 2022 we will be at the MOC—Event and Order Center for the second time. We have worked closely with our partners at ISPO and this year the show will offer more exhibitors and more innovations in even more space. At OutDoor by ISPO 2023 there is the opportunity to see the trends of the outdoor industry, discover new brands and innovations and experience that special outdoor feeling.

The exhibition space is already filled to capacity, the next step is to encourage as many of our retail partners to attend as possible.

For 2023, to promote appropriate and responsible use of tickets, ISPO are introducing new ticketing categories and coloured badges for all attendees.

ATTENTION New badge colouring system

This year ISPO are implementing a new colour-coded system for all tickets and badges to make it easier to recognise a specific target group at first glance. 

The colours indicate the following groups:

Green= Retailer

Yellow= Media

Orange= Non-retail visitor and exhibitor

ISPO will verify the classification in the lead up to the event and during on-site registration.

A note on the proper use of the ticketing system

Our strength is in our community, and we are encouraged by the enthusiasm and energy already building around the upcoming OutDoor by ISPO. We also recognise that a significant value of the event is in the physical space it provides for monitoring industry trends, networking, and connecting with the outdoor community. Overwhelmingly, most attendees to these trade events are using the appropriate tickets which makes it possible for us to plan and build the best possible event. We ask exhibiting brands to only provide free ticket codes to your retailers and remind you that you are accountable for these codes. Similarly, we ask exhibiting ingredient brands to provide ticket codes responsibly to their respective customers. 

We invite non-exhibiting brands to purchase the correct colour-coded ticket (orange, non-retail visitor).

For all exhibitors who wish to invite their retailer and customers we have compiled a media kit below, you can find more content in the ISPO media kit.

Below is an email invite that can be sent to retail partners along with images to be used on social media, OutDoor by ISPO logos and an email footer.

If you wish to invite your current or prospective retailers or customers then direct them to: https://tickets.messe-muenchen.de/MM/ISO23/Shop

Retailers/customers can then select the 'Business Permanent Ticket' that applies to them and redeem the code 20ObI1V10 in the ‘enter promotion code’ section. They can then register and receive their free tickets.

For any further questions or information please contact:

EOG - dan.thompson@europeanoutdoorgroup.com

ISPO tickets - saskia.rettenbacher@messe-muenchen.de

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OutDoor by ISPO media kit and ticket information

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