2020 Updates to Higg MSI

 2020 Updates to Higg MSI

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Released in August 2020, the Higg Materials SustainabilityIndex has undergone the most impressive update today, with key updated including:

·     New interface offering an enhanced user experience

·     Migration to the Higg.org platform

·     Addition of a packaging library, comparisons, and customisation

·     Addition of a trims and components library, comparisons, and customization

·     Ability to customise transportation distances and modes between processing steps

·     Ability to assign chemistry certifications at the process level

·     New database (GaBi)and new water methodology (AWARE), resulting in updated scores

·     Updated chemistry scoring methodology and new chemistry data

·     Inclusion of biogenic carbon and water consumption in metadata

·     New process level loss rates, ensuring material assessments include consideration for process efficiencies


More detailed information can be found in the Higg MSI Change Log

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