Archive and ACS partner to enable profit-maximising resale operations in the UK

Archive, the leading technology platform for branded resale, has announced a partnership with Advanced Clothing Solutions (ACS), the UK’s premier circular and sustainable fashion fulfilment hub. Together, they will offer apparel, footwear, outdoor, and luxury brands cleaning, repair, and fulfilment of secondhand items on a branded resale marketplace. With the collaboration, ACS will utilize Archive’s resale operations technology to maximise profitability and efficiency for brands embracing circular business models. The first brands in the UK to leverage this partnership include The North Face and PANGAIA.

Emily Gittins, CEO and Co-founder of Archive, comments: “We are thrilled to partner with ACS to enable brands to easily adopt and scale circular business models in the UK. They are true leaders and innovators with a passion for transforming the fashion industry, and we look forward to deepening our partnership over time.”

Archive’s proprietary resale software ingests a brand’s product data to accurately identify, condition, photograph, price, clean, repair (if needed), list for sale, and fulfil items on a branded resale marketplace. Items unfit for resale are routed for recycling or donation. Archive’s technology is customised for each individual brand to ensure healthy margins and to adhere to brand guidelines.

Andrew Rough, CEO of ACS, states: “I am pleased to announce our relationship with Archive which enables The North Face and PANGAIA to own their own resale channels in the UK, and marks a pivotal moment in our resale journey. We consider this to be a game-changer for the UK fashion sector and we look forward to what we’ll be able to achieve together. Together with the team at Archive, we anticipate that we will onboard other fashion brands who wish to enter the pre-loved resale market in the UK which is growing quickly."

PANGAIA launched its resale program, ReWear, last autumn, marking the first peer-to-peer resale marketplace to leverage digital IDs. The peer-to-peer marketplace was just the first step towards the brand’s ultimate goal of creating a truly circular ecosystem for its apparel; with the program’s expansion, brand-owned inventory is sent to ACS for renewal and resale on its branded recommerce platform, powered by Archive. Similarly, ACS and Archive will process, clean, repair, and resell inventory from The North Face to launch their Renewed circularity program in the UK.

As consumer demand for resale grows, Archive is enabling brands to easily incorporate customised, branded resale experiences into their businesses to drive profitable revenue, customer acquisition and loyalty. The company supports a variety of resale models that brands like PANGAIA and The North Face can quickly switch on as they scale their recommerce programs. Archive now works with nearly 50 brands worldwide.

ACS delivers a comprehensive fulfilment service, overseeing the entire process from its specialised 200,000 sq. ft fashion hub. ACS is steadfast in its commitment to supporting the shift in the fashion industry by enabling the transition from linear to circular solutions. ACS implements sustainable cleaning and repair solutions that prolong the lifespan of fashion items.

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