Changes to EOG fees and opening membership to the wider value chain

At the EOG Annual Assembly, held digitally on 17th February 2022 the EOG membership voted in changes to membership fees and fee tiers along with opening membership up to the wider value chain.

The membership fee brackets have remained unchanged since 2014 and so changes were suggested to better reflect our membership and the sector.

The new fee brackets will be brought in for 2022 invoicing of members.

Membership of the EOG has previously been restricted to brands, retailers and technology/fabric providers along with associate membership for country associations (without voting rights). For some time it has been suggested that membership be offered to others (including academia, 3PL, service providers, manufacturers, etc), in order to better represent the wider value chain of the sector.

Points to note on this include:

  • One of the longest standing requests from the members of the EOG
  • Our projects and initiatives (especially those within CSR and sustainability and market research) have grown to reach far beyond the confines of just outdoor brands and retailers.
  • Most of the larger challenges and questions tackled by the EOG require involvement and support from the entire value chain. 
  • Still required to sign the sustainability charter and align with industry values
  • Still required to go through membership committee

These changes were voted in by members at the EOG annual Assembly and will apply to all future membership applications.

More information will be available soon, in the meantime contact

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