EOG invites outdoor retailers to participate in key market data programme

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has issued an invitation to outdoor retailers to join a key market insights programme. The Outdoor Market Intelligence Service (OMIS) went live during the recent European Outdoor Summit, with an online dashboard that will deliver real-time monthly sales data from outdoor retailers operating in the UK. Created through a partnership between the EOG and Sporting Insights, OMIS will include figures from independent retailers and major bricks and mortar and online chains, visible on an aggregated basis at brand and model level.

The Outdoor Market Intelligence Service will initially provide retail sell-through analysis for the UK outdoor market, with aspirations to extend coverage across Europe. OMIS has gone live after two years of development by the EOG and market insights partner Sporting Insights. The service is an audit of the full retail landscape, covering sell-through data from all key channels, including: Chains and independents; big-box and specialty; online and D2C. Retailers that are already contributing to the service include many of the UK’s biggest outdoor businesses, along with specialist independents. As well as providing the latest figures from the UK outdoor retail landscape, the OMIS dashboard will include historical data going back to 2019, providing immediate insights into market performance both pre- and post-pandemic. At the time of launch, data will cover an estimated 60% of the total UK outdoor market, with continued growth in the breadth of the reporting planned over the coming months.

Companies that sign up to OMIS early will be able to help guide the development of the interactive dashboard portal and its features. This month, data contributors and early subscribers will get access to the dashboard for feedback and familiarisation. In addition, early subscribers will have the ability to lock their pricing in for the first three years. From 1 November, the full dashboard will be live for all subscribers. Development will continue after this date, which will mark the official launch of the full reporting product.

OMIS subscribers can sign up to two levels of access:

• Contributors - those who contribute data will get free access to comparative market-level data

• Subscribers - those who subscribe will see SKU-level data, market share comparisons, and filtering added on an ongoing basis.

Subscriptions are priced according to the depth and breadth of data that companies want to access.

During the European Outdoor Summit on 28 September, Richard Payne from Sporting Insights and Scott Nelson from the EOG presented the new OMIS dashboard with live data. Below are some images of the dashboard in action, showing only a very small selection of the views, filters and charts and graphs available.

*Please note the below images are just screenshots using temporary data and do not reflect the full dashboard.

The OMIS dashboard will feature top level market data going back to 2019 (where available)

OMIS data can be broken down by category and channel by total sales and volumes

OMIS users can drill down into the dataset to focus on specific categories and identify trends plus brand and model level performance

Subscribers who contribute their own data will also be able to benchmark their own performance against the market over multiple years

Scott Nelson, EOG operations director, comments:

“This is a landmark project for the outdoor sector. Alongside the EOG’s State of Trade, the Outdoor Market Intelligence Service will deliver the most detailed, accurate and up to date market data that the industry has ever had access to. We’ve worked incredibly hard with the team at Sporting Insights and contributors to develop and test OMIS, and refine the dashboard into a tool that will be of most value to subscribers. We’re delighted with the coverage we now have for the UK, but our ambition is to improve that even more, and then roll out the service across Europe. To achieve that, we need industry support. Once firms start using the OMIS dashboard and recognise its value, I am sure that we will get the backing that we need.”

Richard Payne, joint managing director at Sporting Insights, adds:

“OMIS offers a new standard in data gathering and reporting for the outdoor industry. Never before has the sector been in a position to share up to date, aggregated brand and product level monthly sales data from a critical mass of outdoor retailers in a market, including independents and major bricks and mortar and online chains. It’s thanks to the leadership of the EOG and the support of the Outdoor Industries Association and individual companies, that we have been able to launch this for the UK. The dashboard is a very impressive tool for business and I hope that going live will prove to be a catalyst for rolling the service out around Europe.”

Contact Richard Payne on richard.payne@sportinginsights.com to discuss subscription options, providing data, or for a demonstration of OMIS.

To join the EOG working groups and meetings which aid in the development and build-out of this service, including international expansion, contact Scott Nelson on scott.nelson@europeanoutdoorgroup.com

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