European Outdoor Group welcomes changes to trade show calendar after long term advocacy by the outdoor sector

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has welcomed the announcement by Messe München of major changes to its trade show calendar. Following sustained advocacy from the EOG and its members, OutDoor by ISPO will take place in early June in 2022, with the intention of moving the show to the back end of May, from 2023. In addition, ISPO Munich will move to a new date in November, starting next year. The developments are in line with the long held view of the EOG and its members that fundamental changes need to be made to the dates of the industry’s premier trade shows, which was reflected in the Vision 2020 project that began in 2015.

Mark Held, EOG President

EOG President Mark Held comments: “These are seismic shifts for our industry (and the wider sporting goods sector) and we wholeheartedly welcome them. For a long time, we have advocated an adjustment to the trade show calendar and the decision to make this major shift was initiated by our push to move OutDoor by ISPO, supported by our members and partners throughout the industry. Messe München took learnings from that collaborative process and have applied them to ISPO too, which is a really positive development. 
“When I look back at our Vision 2020 project, which began six years ago, I am reminded of the overwhelming consensus from EOG members and the wider industry that trade shows remain vital for our sector, but that they had to evolve in a big way to remain relevant and successful in the medium to long term. We started that work at OutDoor by ISPO in 2019, in partnership with Messe München, but were then unable to take the next steps quickly due to the pandemic. Ironically, that delay has now allowed all stakeholders to agree on this fundamental change that overcomes what was proving to be one of the biggest obstacles to the viability of the events.
“I take my hat off to the team at Messe München for taking this bold decision for both shows, which I hope that you all agree is absolutely the right move for the outdoor industry. It will allow us all to renew and revitalise these iconic trade fairs and now fully implement the ideas and initiatives that emerged from Vision 2020, starting at OutDoor by ISPO next June. This has only been possible due to a deep spirit of pre-competitive collaboration by all partners, something which in my view the EOG and our members have excelled at over the years. I am very proud of the role we have played in reaching this moment and thank everyone who has been involved in that. Once again, I applaud Messe München for making these changes, and for working so closely with us and other partners in doing so.”

Arne Strate, EOG General Secretary

EOG General Secretary Arne Strate adds: “The European Outdoor Group has undertaken extensive research, with our members and with other individuals and organisations in the industry, and it’s very clear that trade shows will remain an integral part of the business year for the wider outdoor and sporting goods sectors.

“When held at the right time, there is simply nothing as effective and efficient for providing a full overview of the market, new products, and global trends, or for catching up with peers and colleagues in just a few short days. For these reasons, we are extremely pleased that the team at Messe München have listened to the needs of our members and the wider outdoor industry."

In 2022, OutDoor by ISPO will run from 12-14 June at the MOC Veranstaltungscenter and the former railroad repair plant located in the immediate vicinity. The June date is an interim step to an even earlier date. In 2023, OutDoor by ISPO will return to the trade fair centre in Munich-Riem, from 22-24 May. From then, it will always be held at the end of May/beginning of June. More details about plans for the 2022 event will emerge in the coming weeks.

You can read the full Messe Munich press release HERE. Clearly, this decision has various implication and more details will emerge over the coming weeks, which we will share through EOG channels.

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