Non-profit 'Digitize the Planet' joins the EOG

Three years ago, Digitize the Planet was founded on EOG member Outdooractive's initiative.

Digitize the Planet is a non-profit organisation that digitizes all relevant regulations, including laws and local rules, to be obeyed in nature. As this initiative has proved its relevance and is now showing its effect and necessity, the support of the outdoor industry is needed.

Project Manager Sebastian Sarx:

“Digitize the Planet wants to provide visitors a feel good experience by helping everyone enjoy nature according to the rules without harming it.
This goal is achieved by digitizing all relevant conservation information and regulations, including laws and local agreements that regulate behaviour in nature.”

Marketing Manager Catrina

'Being an associate member of the European Outdoor Group (EOG), Outdooractive seeks to work even closer with the players from the outdoor industry to strengthen the link between all stakeholders in outdoor sports & tourism.
As a matter of fact a problem has developed over time that we are all part of: For many years we've been trying to get more and more people outdoors. Now, however, we have to make sure, that all these people do not destroy our precious nature and pay attention to the rules preserving our environment. We can only achieve this goal if we work together.'

Digitize the Planet welcome new members; individuals can join the organisation, as can. local, regional, national or international associations or private companies.

Become a member yourself and contribute to the protection of nature in a sustainable way. Communicate your membership to your own community and benefit from a lasting brand awareness connected to nature conservation.


Find out more about the intention and competences of Digitize the Planet here

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